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Our Story

Hello and welcome to our page! We are Michelle and Bob, two vegans on a quest for adventure and great vegan food. Follow our story as we navigate different countries, cultures and living vegan in a not always vegan-friendly world.

Since we’re a (ahem) “mature” couple, we’ve come to a place in our lives where experiences matter much more to us than “stuff”. We’re  paring down the things that clutter our space and rob us of time we’d rather spend visiting someplace new. As vegans, we’re always on the hunt for ways to eat vegan food wherever we go. We volunteer with animals, prefer quiet over crowds and often seek out places off the beaten path. Traveling in the off-season saves money and our sanity. We strive to tread as lightly on the earth as possible.

Michelle Moreno


After 25 years in the travel industry, I decided it was time for something new. At age 42, I graduated from a culinary program with a Certificate in Pastry Arts and have spent the last seven years playing with food. Bob and I met five years ago and we transitioned from a life-long, animal-based diet to a vegetarian one and we are now vegan.  Currently, I work part-time as a pastry chef and enjoy planning our next adventures in my free time. My love of writing, food, travel, animals and the environment inspired me put what I learn out here in the world for others to see.

Bob Scheier


I grew up on the north shore of eastern Long Island, New York, moved to New England in 2003, and never looked back. My passions include hiking, listening to good live music and just being outdoors. I’ve been practicing yoga for seven years. A former vegan of 12 years, I returned to vegetarianism three years ago. Michelle and I are now vegan. I’m looking forward to many more years of tagging along with my travel-obsessed partner and discovering vegan cuisine around the globe.